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Mara Aum

Mara Aum was encouraged to tell stories and draw at an early age creating a boldly overactive imagination and a fanatical love for art. She discovered comics and manga in her early teens finding it the perfect union of her two all consuming passions. She even went so far as to mortgage her soul to student loan devils so she could major in sequential art at Savannah College of Art & Design and Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland where her “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” attitude paid off in her Summa Cum Laude undergrad and With Distinction postgrad degrees. 

Mara’s previous professional work ranges from writing to drawing to inking to toning to coloring. She has worked for a number of titles, media and companies, which, if written out, would make this a very long list. Mara has also been working as a college level professor in sequential art and continues to do so in the UK for both her university society and local library districts. For more details, you can view her resume HERE.

Currently, Mara is also developing a number of personal projects for publication and the web. All of which are coming from the heart. Watch this space folks, it’s going to dazzle!