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The Chiron

Chronicles of Genius Chiron Deisgn

The Chiron- C.o.G. (Chronicles of Genius) | 2011

This is the final concept design for my steampunk comic book series C.o.G. (Chronicles of Genius) that is in development. I am doing all aspects of this comic series: writing, pencils, inking, coloring, and lettering. The Chiron is an automobile produced by the main character’s company.

C.o.G. (Chronicles of Genius) is a quirky steampunk adventure romance featuring genius inventor Myles Ballantyne, as he struggles with love, rival inventors and his sister’s dinner parties. It’s a story of daring escapades with a multicultural cast in a world with airships, mad scientists and runaway psychic Welsh maids.

All the line art was done by hand on smooth paper with pencil, pen & ink. The image was then scanned into the computer and colored with Adobe Photoshop.


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